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Software Available

Software to operate the instruments and acquire data runs on dedicated computer workstations. This instrument-specific software can also be used for post-run data analysis, but only on the computer workstation.  For in-depth data analysis at your own computer, there are several software options, including sophisticated premium packages like Flowjo (see below) and FCS Express (usually with a free trial period), or simpler programs available for free, like WinMDI.

FC 500 Flow Cytometer: CXP software (Beckman-Coulter) is used to operate the instrument and acquire data.  CXP Software is also available for post-acquisition analysis on the computer workstation.

Influx Sorter: Sortware software (BD Immunocytometry) is used for acquisition, sorting and post-sort analysis. This software is also capable of post-acquisition analysis on the computer workstation.

For extensive or sophisticated post-run analysis, we recommend FlowJo or FCS Express software.

FlowJo Data Analysis Software

FlowJo is a premier third-party flow cytometry data analysis software package (see  FlowJo can analyze data from almost any flow cytometer or cell sorter platform, including BD, Beckman-Coulter, and Millipore instruments, and is available for Windows and Mac computers. A free 30-day demo version is available without obligation: Download FlowJo Demo

Rutgers-RBHS has a multi-user site license, which allows users to purchase FlowJo at a substantial discount for use on their own computers.  Each license is valid for one year on a single, designated computer, either Windows or Mac; however, it may be transferred to a different computer if necessary. See below for a request form.

For current pricing of FlowJo user licenses, see FCCF Price list. The license is valid for one year, renewable annually. This is a cooperative arrangement with the Flow Cytometry Core Laboratory of Rutgers-NJMS; cost will be billed via interdepartmental transfer. Only users with a Rutgers email address qualify. Other users should inquire with the Facility manager.

For a license request form, click here. Please fill out the first two sections only (contact information and billing information; no need to complete the Project section). Forms should then be faxed to the Rutgers-NJMS facility at 973-972-7507. Inquiries regarding the FlowJo site license should be directed to the site license administrator by phone: 973-972-7502, or email:

How to open Coulter data (.LMD) files in FlowJo (ver. 7)

FlowJo can open data files from most instruments. To correctly open Coulter .LMD data files (e.g., from FC-500 CXP software), a default setting in FlowJo (ver. 7) must be changed.

For the PC version:

1. In the FlowJo workspace, click Edit in the upper menu bar
2. In the drop-down menu, click Preferences
3. Under the Tools section, click Data Scaling
4. In the lower-left corner, uncheck the box "Read FCS3 section of Coulter Files"

To summarize, for PC: Edit > Preferences > Data Scaling > uncheck "Read FCS3 section of Coulter Files"

For the Mac version:

1. Select Preferences
2. Select Workspace
3. Find Reading Digital Data Files
4. Check the box for CXP Files - Read only FCS 2.0 portion

To summarize, for Mac: Preferences > Workspace: Reading Digital Data Files > check box for "CXP Files -
Read only FCS 2.0 portion